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Melanie Bryan

Acupuncture & Complementa​ry

Health Clinic​

Methods of using essential oils


There are various ways to inhale essential oil;

Diffusers, oil burners, vaporisers and having a bath with essential oils will aid people to inhale the aromas of the oils. This works by the molecules of the essential oil travels through the nasal passages working up to the olfactory bulb where this sends signals to the limbic system of the brain and then in turn helps people to relax, uplift etc. depending on the oil that is chosen.

Topical Application


Before a massage essential oils must be diluted in a base oil and a patch test should be carried out to minimise the risk of a sensitivity or allergic reaction occurring.

Essential oils are put into carrier oils such as almond, jojoba, grapeseed etc. which enables the essential oils to penetrate into the bloodstream. This permits the essential oil to target the organs, glands and systems depending on the chosen oil/s.


Bathing is a valuable means using inhalation and skin absorption. In this method skin penetration is increased 100 times. The warmth of the water helps the oils to penetrate to assist the essential oils to do their work targeting the organs and glands that need to heal.